Treks in Lahaul and Spiti Region

Treks in Lahaul and Spiti Region

Embark on the enigmatic Lahaul and Spiti beckon the adventure souls of every thrill seeker in India. And the reason being so is the virgin landscapes and opulent topography of the valleys. Both destinations are not just a trekking paradise for travellers, but also a stunner for their dramatic changes in the backdrop. Both these valleys are peppered with illustrious monasteries that bring the alluring Tibetan heritage to life. In this article we’ve enlisted a few of the best Treks in Lahaul and Spiti Valley, so let’s look here –

Why should I go to Lahaul and Spiti for Trekking?

Treks in Lahaul and Spiti Valley are a must on the wish list of trekking enthusiasts who love exploring challenging trails. These treks are best to see the high mountain passes, surreal campsites, and glacial water bodies. The gorgeous treks of the region are crossover treks that highlight distinct Himalayan cultures and divergent landscapes of different regions. The fairytale land is perched on mountain tops and exotic flora and fauna species are along the journey offering interesting facets to the treks in Lahaul and Spiti.

Best treks in Lahaul Spiti Region –

Hampta Pass Chandratal Lake Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 5 Days

·        Distance: 28 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 14010 feet

·        Trek Grade: Easy to Moderate

·        Best time to go: Mid-June to Mid-October

The Hampa Pass Chandratal Trek is a fantastic crossover expedition that connects Chandra Valley and Kullu Valley. The route is truly exciting for its continuous interplay of various alpine trees like birch, oak, and maple. The journey enthralls trekkers with dramatic pass crossings, river crossings, and the striking landscapes of the Chandra and Kullu valleys. The nightfall turns the lake out as a shimmering silver-black beauty.

Miyar Valley Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 8 Days

·        Distance: 57.5 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 14,600 feet

·        Trek Grade: Moderate

·        Best time to go: Mid-June to October

The Miyar Valley Trekking trail starts right from the hamlet of Shukto in the enormous Miyar Valley. Most of the trek is easy and routes along with the most idyllic Himalayan landscapes. Although the trail becomes a bit tricky as you get closer to the pass. Miyar Valley trek is the most suitable for beginners who are physically fit and fine. The stunning highlight of the Miyar Valley expedition is the valley itself. The region is home to many exotic faunas and Himalayan brown bears, snow leopards, and rare migratory birds.

Ghepan Lake Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 5 Days

·        Distance: 18 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 14130 feet

·        Trek Grade: Moderate

·        Best time to go: May to October


This trek has some moderate level of challenges that trekkers with cumbersome river crossings and rugged yet striking trails. The best part of this trek is the neon-blue Ghepan Lake reflecting excellent turquoise color at any time during the day. Another main highlight of the route is the 3 hanging glaciers that one witnesses near the Ghepan lake. A cascading waterfall from the hanging glaciers is also a sight to behold. The panoramic views of the region are at their prime from May to October and offer beautiful views of the surroundings.


Mount Kanamo Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 9 Days

·        Distance: 27 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 19553 feet

·        Trek Grade: Difficult

·        Best time to go: May to September

Mount Kanamo is one of the highest non-technical mountains to climb over in the Himachal Pradesh Tour Package. It is best for responsibly fit trekkers with prior experience who can embark on this trek with proper preparations. This challenging trek to the summit of Kanamo peak is a test of your physical as well as mental endurance. The scintillating view of 35 mammoth peaks from the summit is the surprise package of this arduous journey that leaves everyone stunned.

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 7 Days

·        Distance: 112 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 16100 feet

·        Trek Grade: Difficult

·        Best time to go: June to September

The trek allures you with the finest contrast of grandeur and lush and vibrant Bhabha Valley, whilst the arid vistas of the Pin Valley are truly mesmerizing. Observe the beautiful 360-degree panorama of natural splendor from the summit of Pin Bhabha. It is the eureka moment of this trek that you will love enjoying. The rapidly changing altitude, diverse landscapes, and long tiring journey are preferable for all.

Pin Parvati Trek –

·        Duration of Trek: 11 Days

·        Distance: 112 kilometers

·        Maximum Altitude: 16100 feet

·        Trek Grade: Difficult

·        Best time to go: June to September

The trans-Himalayan expedition is only for seasoned trekkers in India. The journey of the Pin Valley Trek is strenuous, and long and traverses through changing landscapes. Again, the rapid change in the Himalayan scenery leaves you amazed for once. On one hand, you can see the lush biodiversity of the Parvati Valley. The star attraction of the Pin Valley trek is the 5-star hot water bath experience that one rarely misses whenever on a holiday trip to Himachal.

Conclusion –

Undoubtedly, several treks in Spiti Valley necessitate the next level of physical fitness and endurance. You can proceed on a journey amidst nature’s bounty, the thrill and perseverance are worth every sweat. So, think no more and go ahead as these adventure treks await you! Just pack your bags to set foot on the exhilarating Spiti Valley trek. Savoring the magnificence of the surreal Lahaul and Spiti Valley creates lifetime memories.

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