Long Weekend Treks in Himachal

Long Weekend Treks in Himachal

The popular north-Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is the land of snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and pristine rivers and is truly a paradise for adventure freaks and trekkers. Located in northern India, Himachal is widely renowned for its scenic natural beauty and provides countless opportunities for trekking, camping, and exploring the outdoors. Whether you are a solo traveller or a group of travellers, the Himachal Pradesh tour offers a wide range of trekking options to suit every level of fitness and experience.

Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for nature lovers and for adventure enthusiasts. Grab your trekking gear for an upcoming long weekend and head to Himachal for indulging in some adventurous treks. There are several long weekend treks in Himachal Pradesh that are truly mesmerizing despite their limited span.

7 Best Long Weekend Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Prashar Lake Trek –

Located in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, Prashar Lake Trek is known for its beautiful bowl-shaped lake of the Dhauladhar range. It's an unspoiled beauty in Himachal Pradesh. One of the best weekend getaways for trekkers or travellers is Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Witnessing the sunrise is the most beautiful part of this trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek –

A high-altitude lake, Bhrigu Lake is elevated at a height of 4270 m above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. The lake is ideal for beginner-level trekkers. The months of May to October are the best to go on this trekking trail. It is also known as the Pool of Gods because local people believed that at this lake, many devtas took a bath here.

Shali Tibba Trek –

It is in Khatnol village at a height of 2873 m above sea level in Himachal. It is the highest peak in the vicinity of Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. Shali Tibba is around 12 kilometers trek which is an easy to moderate-grade trek in the state. The peak offers a 360-degree view of Kufri, Shimla, Fagu, and Narkanda Hills. Trek to Shali Tibba is perfect for adventure buffs and photography lovers to capture cool shots for their social media platforms.

Indrahar Pass Trek –

Indrahar Pass Trek is at a height of 14,245 m above sea level. It is on the border of the Kangra and Chamba districts. The trek is an easy to moderate level trek in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the best weekend treks in Himachal Pradesh and takes you through the placid crystal-blue waters of Lake Mankiani and Kareri.

Triund Trek –

Triund is a charming hamlet located at an altitude of 2828 meters above sea level. The hill is in the lap of Dhauladhar mountain ranges surrounded by Kangra Valley on one side. May, June, September, October, and January to March are considered the best times to go on this trek. It is a famous weekend getaway for traveller or trekkers of nearby destinations. This is a 6-kilometer-long trek with a difficulty level of easy to moderate and attracts all trekkers to this place.

Kareri Lake Trek –

Located at an altitude of 2950 m above sea level in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is an ideal weekend getaway in Himachal which is enclosed by alpine trees and some beautiful mountains. Kareri Lake is located about 9 kilometers from Dharamshala. Kareri Lake is a freshwater glacial lake trek that takes you through the scenic vista because of its lush pasturelands, dense conifers, and exotic perennial flowers.

Sar Pass Trek –

Sar Pass is nestled at an elevation of 14,000 ft above sea level. It is a perfect trek for beginners. This is truly an amazing trek in Himachal that starts right from Kasol and in Barshaini in Kullu Valley. The right time to go on this trek is May to October. This is a 48-kilometer-long trek and the difficulty level is graded as easy to moderate. So, this is the best trek for students, school tours, or families.

Conclusion –

These are the best long weekend treks in Himachal that you can consider for the next exciting trail. Travel the best-hidden treasures of Himachal Pradesh with family, and friends, or solo and enjoy a memorable escapade on these treks.

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