5 Things To Do In Manali, Best Things To Do In Manali In 2023

5 Things To Do In Manali

Manali is the land of contrasts, having endless things to offer its guests for fun and peace. On one hand, the enduring high peaks surround Manali and on another hand, the thrilling adventure sports will enthrall you. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Manali which are the spice of adventure sports to indulge in. Everything in Manali is worth appreciating the mysterious music of the year-long magnet. Summers can be the most exciting and happening time of the year when you can enjoy your great time with family, friends, or beloved ones.

Best things to do in Manali –

Manali is an awesome hill station destination that never disappoints visitors. It is a popular place with many unique experiences that it offers, unlike the other mainstream hill stations. So, let's jump straight into the list of must-do things in Manali in the summer season for an amazing holiday trip.


Manali is truly a paradise for trekking enthusiasts offering abundant scope for adventures. The Himalayan peaks in beautiful destinations offer great trekking trails, set amid the panoramic sight of the snow-capped Himalayas. Trekking is the most interesting and thrilling adventure to try out. It is becoming popular throughout the country and combines spiritual wellness and physical well-being. The most popular trails are Rohtang Pass to the snowline, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Chanderkhani Pass, Tapri to Kalpa, etc.

Best time to go trekking – June to October

Places to trek – Lama dug, Jogini Waterfall

Adventurous sports

With plenty of adventure sports in Manali, you will have a great time in this beautiful hill station. Amidst the frosty hilltops of the Himalayas, ravishing sights, delightful cuisines, and a sanctuary make it interesting to enjoy Manali. Skiing is one of the most popular adventures to enjoy in Manali but you can also try out the adventures mentioned here –

Best things to enjoy – Trekking, Hiking, Biking, Paragliding, Rappelling, River Rafting, etc.


No wonder how you spend the day, but the night would be quite cool and pleasant with the exciting camping experiences. Gaze at the millions of stars shimmering over you and the hills surrounding you. The exciting adventure activity in Manali is Camping where you can spend the night under the scenic skies. There are camping arrangements made at some popular points in Manali where you can enjoy staying in comfortable tents or camps.

Best place to go – Hampta Pass, Solang Valley, Naggar

Snow excursion

Just like mountain adventures, there are many enthralling snow excursions to enjoy in Manali. So, you can have a memorable time on snow excursions where you can enjoy snowboarding, snow scooter, etc. The up-and-streaming snow scooters have gained worldwide popularity as one of the most thrilling adventures to try out in Manali. Whilst Snowboarding is just like skiing where you’ll be having an exciting experience in the snow.

Best place to go – Rohtang Pass, Sissu, and Solang Valley


Shopping in Manali is the must-do activity on any trip to Manali. You can buy traditional souvenirs and outstanding stuff that you can take back home and remember all your memories even after the years of trip. There are so many shopping places in Manali for travellers to indulge in shopping and search for the finest deals on their desired stuff.

Where to go shopping – The Mall Road, Old Manali Market, Manu Market, Tibetan Market, etc.

What to shop – Handicrafts, Buddhist items, wall hangings, etc.

Conclusion –

Whether you are a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or peace seeker, there are a plethora of activities to indulge in Manali for every kind of travel enthusiast. To plan a remarkable trip to Manali, contact us today and grab the best deals on Manali tour packages.

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