Kasol Malana Same Day Taxi Tour


Book our private Kasol Malana Same Day Taxi Tour and set out on a fantastic day excursion. Discover the stunning landscapes of Malana and Kasol most comfortably. The road journey from Kasol to Malana takes you through the gorgeous Himalayas. Its surroundings are pleasant. The taxi tour promises an exciting blend of culture, adventure, and scenic charm. Experience the smooth drive to kick start your day to Malana and experience the fantastic views of Parvati Valley.

Once you reach Malana, discover the mysterious allure of this historic community renowned for its unique customs and culture. The skilled drivers guarantee a smooth and hassle-free ride so you can maximize your time and make memories with our Kasol Malana Same Day Taxi Tour Package to discover the essence of both Kasol and Malana in a single day.

Distance & Time to travel between Kasol & Malana:

The road distance between Kasol and Malana is approximately 21 kilometers by road. The time it takes to travel between the places can vary depending on factors like conditions, traffic, and the suitable mode of transportation. Considering the region's beauty, it takes around 1 to 2 hours to cover the distance by car or taxi. Though the travel times may differ, you should check with local transportation providers to plan the trip accordingly.

Best Car Rental Options in Kasol: Several car rental options suit different preferences and budgets.

Sedan Car – Travellers can enjoy comfortable and compact travel in sedan cars like Swift Dzire or Toyota Etios.

SUV Car – If you want more space, book SUV cars like Toyota Innova and Innova Crysta.

Luxury Car – Those who like a premium travel experience, luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes Benz or Audi, can book a luxury car rental in Kasol.

Tempo Traveller – The vehicles are ideal for large groups or families to accommodate up to 20 passengers.

Things to do on a same-day tour:

  • Discover the ancient village of Malana, known for its unique culture, distinct customs and traditional stone house.
  • Visit the Jamadagni Temple, dedicated to the revered sage Jamadagni.
  • Enjoy a short trek to nearby villages like Rashol or Chalal, offering stunning views of the Parvati valley.
  • Relish the authentic flavors of Himachali cuisines, like Siddu, Thukpa, and Momos.
  • Wind up the day by heading to the banks of the Parvati River.

Why book a same day taxi tour with us?

Book a same day taxi tour with Kullu Manali Packages for a hassle-free trip. Enjoy the convenience of discovering various places of attractions within a single day, minimizing your time and experience. The drivers ensure a comfortable ride, while our well-curated itineraries discover the highlights of every destination. We provide a reliable travel experience, as you can relax and immerse in the beauty and culture of the region without any worries.

FAQs on Kasol Malana Day Tour Taxi Rental:

Can you customize the Kasol Malana Same Day Tour Taxi?

Yes, it is possible to tailor your journey according to your interests and preferences.

Are there any additional charges or permits required during the tour?

The taxi rental cost does not include entrance fees and permits.

Can I book a taxi for a specific date?

Yes, bookings on taxi rentals are highly recommended to make the trip easy for you.

Are the taxis equipped to travel through the terrain on the Kasol Malana Same Day Tour?

Our taxis are well-maintained and suitable for the terrain, ensuring a comfortable trip.

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