Hotel in Kasol and Manikaran

Kasol village is Popular Hangout Place as well as a beautiful Adventure siteand treckking spot In parvati valley. Situated On the Bank of Parvati river Kasol Is Also known as Parvati valley kasol.

A Kasol Taxi
big mix of indian and western culture this small village is an heaven for backpackers. This small village has Indian and western restaurants and all type of Shoppings including Clothes, jewellery, traditional himachali clothings and dresses and other fancy items.Distance from kullu to kasol is 42kms Which can be covered by local buses or by Taxi to Kasol. Kasol is also the main Base camp for Sarpas treck, Mantalai and kheerganga treck and other few small and long trecks in the valley. There are plenty of small and big Hotels in kasol.Places To stay in kasol shall be arranged Well in advance due to High season and the Popularity of the Place.

Hotels in Manikaran

(1700 m), 45kms. from Kulu and just 3kms. from Kasol,Gurudwara Manikaran sahib is famous for its hot springs. Thousands of Pilligramage Both Hindus & Sikhs take a holy dip in hot waters here. The water is so hot that dal, rice & vegetables etc. can be cooked in it. It is also a well known pilgrimage place for both Hindus & Sikhs. Ramchandra and Shivaji temples besides a Gurudwara are there. According to an old legend, Manikaran is connected with Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Parvati, who lost her ear rings here, which gave birth to hot waters on the bank of Parvati river.

Hearing this religious myth from the priests will be more rewarding and interesting.Gurudwara Manikaran sahib is just 4kms away From kasol and is one of the most important monument of Sikh Religion. It's Intresting to Know That Manikaran has many places and nice too hotels in kasol and manikaran with natural hot Water. Hot Springs Of Manikaran are Kind of wonder in the middle of Mountains.

Many People Go their to take bath as it is also good for health. The Gurudwara and the Ram mandir of manikaran are the major monuments to be visited during your stay in the valley.