Himachal Tour Packages From UAE


The Himachal Tour Packages from UAE offers an incredible journey through one of India’s most scenic and culturally rich states. The packages, tailored to meet diverse travel preferences, offer a unique opportunity for travelers from the United Arab Emirates to discover enchanting landscapes, vibrant culture, and the state's rich heritage. The tour will begin from Delhi; the tour guides will take you through the pristine hill stations, quaint villages, and mesmerizing valleys of Himachal. You can travel through Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Kasol, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and more.

The packages provide a comprehensive travel experience, covering accommodation, local transportation, meals, and guided sightseeing tours. Options range from budget-friendly tours to luxurious holidays, allowing you to choose as per your preference. One can avail of additional services like airport transfers in UAE and India, visa assistance, and international flights, making travel seamless. The holiday package is customizable as per your travel interests and preferences.

Things to do in Himachal Pradesh –

Trekking: Explore Himachal Pradesh's natural beauty by trekking along gorgeous paths like the Triund Trek or the Beas Kund Trek.

River Rafting: Experience exhilarating river rafting excursions on Beas and Sutlej.

Explore the hill stations: Visit prominent hill stations such as Shimla and Manali for their gorgeous vistas, colonial architecture, and active markets.

Visiting Buddhist Monasteries: Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of calm Buddhist monasteries like the Dalai Lama's Namgyal Monastery in Dharamshala.

Snow adventures: Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities are available in snowy areas such as Solang Valley and Kufri.

Best travel duration to plan a holiday in Himachal –

The ideal duration for a holiday in Himachal Pradesh depends on the destinations you wish to cover, but generally, a span of 7 to 10 days is recommended. This allows ample time to visit the major tourist attractions in popular destinations like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, etc., without feeling rushed. If your itinerary includes off-beat destinations like Spiti Valley or treks, consider extending your trip to 14 days. The extra time ensures you can fully embrace the natural beauty, diverse culture, and leisurely pace of life in Himachal Pradesh, making your vacation truly memorable.

Best time to visit Himachal Pradesh –

The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is determined primarily by the experiences you seek. The summer months of March to June are great for individuals wishing to enjoy good weather and verdant sceneries. This is also an excellent period for trekking, camping, and adventure sports. If you want to see the region's beautiful snowfall, go during the winter months of December to February. If you want to avoid the crowds while still enjoying cold, comfortable weather, the shoulder seasons - late September to November and late February to early March - are ideal.

How to reach Himachal from UAE?

It takes plane and road travel to Himachal Pradesh from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The general steps are as follows:

Air Travel: Fly to India from one of the UAE's international airports (such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah). Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the closest airport to Himachal Pradesh. Numerous airlines fly between the UAE and Delhi daily.

Road Trip: You can go to Himachal Pradesh by road from Delhi. The state's largest cities, including Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala, are well-connected by road to Delhi. You can hire a private taxi or use a public or private bus. The drive from Delhi to Shimla is around 360 kilometers long and takes approximately 7 to 8 hours.

Alternatively, you can take a domestic flight from Delhi to airports in Himachal Pradesh, such as Shimla Airport, Dharamshala Airport, or Bhuntar Airport near Manali, followed by a short road trip.

Please remember that this guidance is subject to COVID-19 or other travel restrictions or requirements. Before embarking on any excursion, always check the most recent travel information.

The Himachal Tour Packages from UAE offer a delightful blend of relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion, and natural beauty. They promise not just a holiday but a memorable journey through the mesmerizing landscapes and captivating cultural mosaic of Himachal Pradesh.

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