Himachal Tour Packages from Mysore


Himachal Pradesh, with its breathtaking landscapes and tranquil surroundings, starkly contrasts with the royal and historic charm of Mysore. If you are a resident of Mysore and looking for a serene escape into the mountains, Himachal offers a perfect destination. The distance between Mysore and Himachal can be efficiently discovered by air.

Typically, a tour ranges from 7 to 14 days for Himachal holidays, ensuring that travellers enjoy enough time to soak in the essence of the mountains. Discover multiple destinations and take part in exciting activities. While Shimla and Manali remain perennial favorites, the Kullu Manali Tour Packages offer travellers an insight into a perfect blend of colonial heritage, local culture, and adventure. The exciting activities will keep you engaged, from paragliding in Solang Valley and skiing in Kufri to temple tours in Dharamshala and trekking.

Mysore to Himachal Tour Packages presents a blend of hotel stays, ranging from luxury resorts with panoramic views to quaint homestays offering authentic Himachali hospitality. Understanding diverse preferences, we provide options to personalize the trip, allowing additions or alterations to the existing tour itinerary.

Best suggested tours for Himachal:

Shimla Manali Tour – Explore colonial Shimla and adventurous Manali sightseeing tour.

Dalhousie Dharamshala Circuit – Revel in the serenity of Dalhousie and the Tibetan aura of Dharamshala.

Parvati Valley Trekking Trail – Discover the backpacker's paradise of Kasol, Malana, and Kheerganga.

Himachal 10 Days Tour – Discover Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Mandi, Palampur and Kinnaur.

Spiti Valley Tour Package – Unveil the hidden gems of Chandratal Lake, Key Monastery, and Giu.

Heritage & Cultural Tour – Dive into the rich past with the ancient temples of Chamba, Masroor, and the heritage village of Pragpur.

Best time to plan the Himachal Tour from Mysore

The best time to plan a Himachal tour package is from March to June. Himachal Pradesh experiences a pleasant spring and early summer during these months, perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The moderate temperatures provide a refreshing contrast to Mysore's typically warmer climate. For snow enthusiasts, the months between December and February are ideal, as several regions of Himachal get blanketed in snow. However, avoiding the monsoon months from July to September is advisable due to potential landslides and travel disruptions in Himachal's mountainous terrain.

How to reach Himachal from Mysore?

By Air: The most convenient method is to fly from Mysore Airport to a central hub like Delhi or Chandigarh. From there, one can board another flight to airports in Himachal, such as Kangra (for Dharamshala) or Bhuntar (for Kullu-Manali). Once you land, taxis and buses are available to transport you to various Himachali destinations.

By Train: One can train from Mysore to Chandigarh or Pathankot. Buses and taxis are available from these cities for further journeys into Himachal.

By Road: While it's a long journey, one can also drive or hire a taxi to Himachal, experiencing varied terrains and scenic routes.

Himachal tour packages from Mysore offer a refreshing experience of scenery and experiences, transitioning from the historical grandeur of Mysore to the untouched natural beauty of the mountains. Book Kullu Manali Tour Packages with us and get the best deals or discounts. Discover the beautiful cities of Himachal Pradesh with our professionally trained tour guides, who'll take you through this region without any hassle.

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