Himachal Tour Packages From Bhiwandi

Himachal Tour Packages From Bhiwandi

Destination : Bhiwandi

Tour Itinerary in Detail:

Looking for a holiday trip from Bhiwandi to Himachal. Here’s a perfect plan to consider for a remarkable tour of Himachal Pradesh. Our Himachal tour packages from Bhiwandi promise a serene escape into the majestic Himalayas. Experience the allure of Himachal Pradesh, a state renowned for its picturesque valleys, snow-clad peaks, lush green forests, and rich culture. Our well-curated packages ensure that travellers bask in the beauty of popular tourist destinations like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, etc.

Embrace the traditional Himachali hospitality with local cuisine and handcrafted souvenirs. With smooth and hassle-free transportation facilities in Himachal, comfortable accommodations, and a diverse itinerary, we cater to adventure seekers and peace enthusiasts. The following tour plan is a suggested one, so you can customize it after getting in touch with our travel experts.

Best recommended Himachal Tours:
Himachal Family Tour Package
Perfect for families seeking a blend of adventures and relaxation, this Himachal Family Tour Package offers curated experiences like Apple orchard visits, toy train rides, and cultural immersion, ensuring fun for all age groups.

Kullu Manali Tour for Couples
Customized romantic trips encapsulate the charm of Kullu’s scenic valleys and Manali’s snow-capped peaks, with special moments like candlelit dinners and riverside walks to forge lasting memories.

Group Tour in Himachal Pradesh
Ideal for friends’ groups or corporate outings, the tour package facilitates bonding through activities like river rafting, campfire, and group treks. You'll have a lot of fun while discovering Himachal’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Solo Trip to Himachal
For the independent explorer, this Himachal Solo tour package ensures introspective moments. Explore tranquil monasteries, thrilling hikes, and immersive local interactions, promising a journey to self-discovery.

Trekking Trail in Himachal
A dream for avid trekkers, this Himachal Trekking Tour offers a selection of iconic trails. From the scenic Triund trek to the challenging Pin Parvati Pass, it all promising breathtaking vistas and a sense of achievement.

Best time to plan Himachal tour from Bhiwandi –
The best time to plan a Himachal tour from Bhiwandi is from March to June, which marks the pleasant summer season in Himachal Pradesh. These months offer comfortable temperatures, making it ideal for sightseeing, trekking, and various outdoor activities. For those keen on witnessing snowfall, the winter months of December to February can be considered, but one should be prepared for colder conditions. However, monsoon months, from July to September, are usually avoided due to heavy rainfall, which can cause landslides in the hilly terrains. Aligning your visit with the spring and early summer seasons ensures a rewarding Himachal experience.

How to reach Himachal from Bhiwandi?
By Air: Take a direct flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, to major airports of Himachal, like Bhuntar Airport, Kangra Airport, and Shimla Airport. On landing, our taxi rental service in Shimla will take you to your desired destinations.
By Train: Bhiwandi has railway connectivity, but the closest junction is Mumbai. There’s no direct train from Mumbai to Chimla. So, one must take a train from Mumbai to Chandigarh or Kalka and then hire a taxi or take a bus to Himachal.
By Road: If you are up for a road trip, drive from Bhiwandi to Himachal. The distance is approx. 1700 to 2000 kilometer, depending on your destination in Himachal, and can take about 30 to 35 hours of driving.

Book Bhiwandi to Himachal Tour Packages with Kullu Manali Packages and discover the state comfortably and hassle-free. Let us whisk you away from Bhiwandi’s urban hustle to Himachal’s tranquil landscapes, ensuring a journey that resonates with rejuvenating and unforgettable memories

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